Our Story

My father took me quail hunting with a family friend who had a Boykin Spaniel named Bogey for my 12th birthday. After my first ever hunt I was hooked not only on quail hunting but on Boykin Spaniels. At 16 I took my girlfriend Kayla (now my  wife) quail hunting for her first time as well, with my family and Bogey! She too fell in love with Boykin Spaniels. Shortly after graduating high school we got our very own Boykin. She is the face of Little Brown Outdoors, and her name is Paisley. After having Paisley for a year, like most dog owners we got suckered into getting her a playmate. So along came Hallie. Both of our Boykin’s are exceptional hunters and it is a pleasure watching them work the field for birds. I began Little Brown Outdoors after entering the Entrepreneurial program at Florida State University. I was tasked with starting my own business while in the program, so along came Little Brown Outdoors! At Little Brown Outdoors we are committed to creating not only unforgettable memories through our quail hunts, but also exceptional products through our store. When we set out to create LBO, our driving focus was to share our passion for the great outdoors with our customers through our quail hunts and products in our store!